The Gryld Cheez Experience

For about 60 or so years, music fans have had allegiances to bands. These allegiances eventually became their own communities. Despite the evolution of time; the climate of the venue; the range in age, or the flavor of band they followed — all of those who were part of their specific community had one thing in common with those who preceded, and all those who would follow — the grilled cheese.

The grilled cheese represented a breaking of bread among those who came from all corners of the world. The grilled cheese, along with the music, was a common bond. A customary currency. 

Our founders Jon & Sean minted their first DeFi CheezToken in March of 2021. Of course, no token is complete without its partnered metaverse imagery. That’s why we reached out to the exclusive artist Wally Wicz to help us design a handmade NFT collection that will help define and excite our community.

Wally Wicz has helped bring the GRYLD CHEEZ team to the next level with his CryptoChunkz Collections.

Grammys and Hollywood stars were once the highest honor in the music industry. In this day and age, with the technology we are capable of, we have eclipsed these archaic and costly approaches to stardom. We are moving into a new realm of fan appreciation and interaction. 

When you own a GryldCheez NFT, not only are you honoring the iconic musicians that have shaped our popular culture, you are owning a Chunk of History. 

For musicians and celebrities, becoming eternalized in the metaverse as one of our Cheezy CryptoChunks is both an unparalleled honor, and a way to connect with a unique, devoted community of fans.


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