QR Code NFT Pairing

Connecting Physical Assets To The Blockchain Using QR codes + NFTs

When a physical asset is coupled to an NFT through a unique single-use QRcode, the NFT acts as the proof of authenticity, proof of ownership, history of ownership, and method to transfer ownership and royalties. 

Our utility is a QR, NFT Pairing for live or digital event merchandise sales to level up fan engagement by offering free downloads or gamifying the experience with voting and surveys and unlocking content. 

If you are a band, brand, or event producer and want to level up your fan engagement with blockchain tools. Let’s do lunch, contact us!




Where there's BEEF there's CHEEZ


Each month, GRYLD CHEEZ will be launching limited-edition collectors posters with QR code validation that includes a one-of-a-kind NFT!

Upon receiving your poster in the mail, you will find a unique QR code which will instruct you how to connect your wallet to receive your airdrop of CHEEZ token, poster NFT and other rewards. You will also have an opportunity to vote for either the Red Corner or the Blue Corner.  Your vote will be one of 248 that will decide the winner of the SHOWDOWN.

Once the vote is finalized and the winner is crowned, we will be sending the #1 printed poster to the celebrity winner and the #250 poster to the celebrity loser! This means that posters #2-249 will be available for public purchase.

NOV 2021 - SHOWDOWN #1

Battle of the Block


DEC 2021 - SHOWDOWN #2

Battle of the Billionaire


Poster & NFT Combo Drop

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