Hot Summer Days, Parking Lots, Good People & Great Music

On hot summer days, in parking lots filled with good people and good music, a community was born. The bond formed through a shared love of music and a common hunger for warm, gooey CHEEZ has brought people together in the strangest of ways.  Here at GryldCheez, not only are we creating art that blends our favorite snack with our favorite musicians, but we’re also bringing the camaraderie of that timeless CHEEZY community to the world of Cryptocurrency.



Jon & Sean are a couple of weirdo creative types who have spent years traveling with bands, and sharing grilled cheese with the best of them. With their love for the Crypto Space, music and CHEEZ they have created a space, along with Wally Wicz, to let their creativity flourish. 

To connect with them and learn about giveaways, drops, and other CHEEZY updates, join our discord!

The Gryld Cheez Guys Invite You


Join our community on Twitter and Discord we also have a private Facebook Group. You will learn more about our NFT drops. Come learn about our Partnerships and help guide and evolve the community together.

NFT Dropz

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Our ORIGINAL ART CryptoChunkz NFTs will be released weekly on Friday’s 4:20 EST! Get them fast, they will sell out! Limited Run Rarities, One-of-a-Kind, HALOChunkz Series, UNOChunkz Series, and more! If you buy more CHEEZ Token, you will have the opportunity to buy the rarest of rare CryptoChunkz NFTs! The re-sale value will be to the moon!


Own a Chunk of history! Beginning August 13th, 2021, we will be releasing the first Chunkz of a very nostalgic, handmade NFT collection.  Everyone remembers the triumph, the glory, the playful grudges, and the good ol’ competition of the classic Uno game, right? 


As a way to honor the memory of those musicians that deeply changed our popular culture and have now passed to the other side, we will be releasing an extremely limited, handmade collection of 11 CHEEZY HALOChunkz per celebrity. Dropping soon!


Let’s be honest, we all know the moon is made of warm, gooey CHEEZ.  If you’ve ever wanted a taste of that extra special, celestial dairy, then we have the NFT collection for you. Throwing respect to the phases of the moon we will be dropping 13 of each unique NFTs! Dropping soon!


NFT Sales Proceeds

7% of our NFT sale proceeds will be distributed to our music related Nonprofits, Dance Safe and Building Beats. If you have a music related nonprofit that you would like us to support, please share with us in our Discord group.

We will also be investing 20% of our NFT proceeds into CHEEZ TOKEN — our RFI Token — to increase liquidity. Learn how to buy CHEEZ TOKEN on Uniswap. Join our Discord group for airdrops & rewards!




Where there's BEEF there's CHEEZ


Each month, GRYLD CHEEZ will be launching limited-edition collectors posters with QR code validation that includes a one-of-a-kind NFT! With each poster purchase, the lucky buyer will also earn CHEEZ Tokens that will be airdropped into their connected wallets.

Upon receiving your poster in the mail, you will find a unique QR code which will instruct you how to connect your wallet to receive airdrops of CHEEZ tokens and other rewards. You will also have an opportunity to vote for either the Red Corner or the Blue Corner.  Your vote will be one of 250 that will decide the winner of the SHOWDOWN.

Once the vote is finalized and the winner is crowned, we will be sending the #1 printed poster to the celebrity winner and the #250 poster to the celebrity loser!

This means that posters #2-249 will be available for public purchase.



Custom RFI Token

The result of a unique partnership founded in a shared love of music, CHEEZ Token is a custom RFI token that brings unique music-oriented, handmade NFTs to the Ethereum BlockChain. CHEEZ Token has an 8% fee per transaction, rewarding all holders instantly. CHEEZ tokenomics provide 3% dividends per transaction to holders, 3% to nonprofit organization partners, and 2% to dev/marketing. CHEEZ is designed not only to maximize profits and gamify giving but also to generate a sense of community around a common currency.

By partnering with a handful of music industry non-profits, we are aiming to tailor our NFT merchandise experience to suit our communities interests.  Music events, nonprofit music auctions, tangible merchandise, and NFTs non-fungible tokens are all ingredients in the GRYLD CHEEZ sandwich.

CHEEZ TOKEN DEV WALLET ADDRESS: 0xEd55a59466986fB0D9020A39347830E8F94d11Cd