Every wallet that holds a FULL HOUSE will be entered into a drawing to win $50k in ETH. Verification required. All ONU Chunkz must be sold for this Giveaway to become active! Spread the word!

The first wallet to hold a Royal Flush of ONU Chunkz. ALL 8 OF RED, YELLOW, GREEN & BLUE, SKIP, REVERSE, DRAW 2, WILD SAME ONU CHUNK ARTIST. Winner to receive $10K in ETH + a one-of-a-kind Musician Crypto Chunk!! Verification required.

First 4 wallets to hold a Straight Flush. RED, YELLOW, GREEN & BLUE OF THE SAME ONU CHUNK ARTIST. Winners to receive $2500 in ETH each + a one-of-a-kind Musician Crypto Chunk!! Verification required.

The first wallet to hold 8 unique WILD ONU Chunkz cards for 30 days! Winner to receive $10K in ETH + a one-of-a-kind Musician Crypto Chunk!! Verification required.


We are creative types who have spent years traveling with bands, and sharing grilled cheese with the best of them. With their love for the Metaverse, music and GRYLD CHEEZ they have created a space, along with Wally Wicz, to let their creativity flourish. 


Hot Summer Days, Parking Lots, Good People & Great Music

On hot summer days, in parking lots filled with good people and good music, a community was born. The bond formed through a shared love of music and a common hunger for warm, gooey GRYLD CHEEZ has brought people together in the strangest of ways. Here at GRYLD CHEEZ, not only are we creating art that blends our favorite snack with our favorite musicians, but we’re also bringing the camaraderie of that timeless GRYLD CHEEZ community to the world of NFTs & cryptocurrency.


March + APRIL 2021
Launch of CHEEZ TOKEN that was used as a proof of concept to get the creative juice flowing, music related partners established, and our first set of donations to our partners, Dance Safe and Building Beats, totaling 4,000 in ETH.
July 4, 2021
Rebrand of our ecosystem and launch of GRYLD CHEEZ!
August 2021
Introduced the Crypto Chunkz NFT concept and art creation.
November 2021
Introduced the Showdown NFT Series and starting development on the QR CODE NFT Pairing V1 utility.
December 2021
Launching our custom art NFT ONU Chunkz Collection.
ONU Chunkz NFT CONTEST in full swing with collectors trading for pay outs of $80k!

7% of our NFT sale proceeds will be distributed to our music-related nonprofits Dance Safe and Building Beats. If you have a music-related non profit that you would like us to support please share with us in our Discord Group.


Join our community on Twitter and Discord we also have a private Facebook Group. You will learn more about our NFT drops. Come learn about our Partnerships and help guide and evolve the community together.


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